Saturday, 10 May 2014

Couture Bano's Surprise Bollywood Birthday Bash

In March we celebrated my sister's Birthday in a surprise Bollywood party manner! A very Happy Birthday to her, we have truly gone through so much in the past year and being able to cheer her up meant so much to me! 
For her birthday we planned a bollywood themed birthday bash, knowing Sonia this was perfect! She is a lover of glitz and glam. For this party, what better venue in YYC then Mango Shiva. Mango Shiva is an authentic Indian restaurant with a tastefully done interior. I have visited Mango Shiva many times and never had a reason to complain. Even this night was perfect the food was amazing and most of the service was great. Only one thing threw me off about the restaurant that night, the manager and our waiter were staring us down awkwardly the whole hour all the guests took to get to the party. But thank god other waitresses and the food made up for it big time! My sister was absolutely floored to say the least.