Tuesday, 29 October 2013

New Glasses!

If you guys follow this blog closely you may have noticed I am just a little bit enthusiastic about Tom Ford. I had been pining for a pair of Tom Ford glasses ever since I saw them, there popularity among celebrities and stylists only amplified my awe! So when it was time for new glasses what other pair would I pick, but a pair of coveted Tom Ford's. Now people can call my hipster, nerdy, or whatever they like but I love these glasses. 

Since glasses are showcased on one of the most pivotal parts of you it is important to pick out a pair you love. I of course have a pair of Versace's that are a lot less exciting, so it was not to hard to go crazy for my second pair. I love the scale of these glasses, the almost cartoonish quality works perfectly with my larger features. 

What new accessories are you guys excited about!?