Saturday, 20 April 2013

Tiffany & Co Returns to the Jazz Age Glamour for The Great Gatsby

Ever since I can remember I've been fascinated with jewelry, the way it can be moulded and manipulated in luminous metals and with vibrant gemstones to produce art. Jewelry has the ability to hold feelings and sentiments, it can be appreciated and passed through generations. Although a piece can speak strongly to a region, time, or certain fashion, jewelry always retains a timeless quality. For this reason I feel a bit less guilty splurging on a piece of fine jewelry, I know it will retain its appreciation and value many seasons and generations from now, unlike a lot of clothing!

If you have read my blog from the very start you know (if you have read my post The Quintessential Renaissance Man) that I am eternally inspired by The Great Gatsby, and the age to which it pertains. I love the sartorial world and excessive glamour. So you can only imagine how ecstatic I was when I learnt of the Tiffany & Co collaboration with The Great Gatsby Film (one of the most anticipated films for me!). And thus the Ziegfeld collection was born! It was only an inevitable collaboration judging from the fondness for Tiffany's pieces of Scott Fitzgerald and his wife.

The film had access to Tiffany's archive pieces from the Jazz Age, many of which are worn in the film. Sketches were also pulled from the Tiffany's archives ( including many musings of Louis Comfort Tiffany) from the Jazz age and created, one example is the gorgeous diamond and pearl tiara/headband made for Daisy to wear at the party at Gatsby's. Also for the film Tiffany & Co collaborated with Catherine Martin and created many original pieces inspired by the book and Glamourous Jazz Age. This includes the amazing daisy signet ring and cufflinks worn by Gatsby in the film.
Many of the fine pieces from the film were limited edition, with only four made of each! I envy the people who get to own these. Most of these are featured in the Blue Book, to be released later this year. Another line was also created, available soon at Tiffany & Co stores across the country (#YYC included), with pieces a little more subtle than the ones from the film but a little more accessible to the general public (this is a huge understatement). But it's so thrilling to know that we have a potential to own pieces inspired by such a beautiful story and age!
I desperately want the gorgeous black onyx daisy signet ring from the Ziegfeld collection, worn by Leo in the movie and available at many Tiffany's stores across the country! Very reminiscent of the 'cool' elegance of the 20's!

The Tiffany & Co windows in New York to Commemorate the Ziegfeld collection and Gatsby collaboration

The Recent Vogue Cover only added to the Gatsby Raving

The Tiffany Blue Book Ball in New York was heavilly inspired by the recent collaboration and many were seen grasping Jazz Age Glamour