Wednesday, 30 January 2013

New Obsession's: Photography

 So it's been a long week! With assignments, labs, lectures, and work! I'm really getting into my photography class though. My first assignment was to recreate something like the "Pepper", bY Edward Weston. That might answer why I posted pictures of peppers. So basically I needed a cool looking vegetable and to play with contrast and light. I had a ton of fun with this assignment, it was the first time I tested out my new camera (a Nikon d3100). I took nearly 200 pictures of this green pepper, a lemon, a tomato, and this purple and white vegetable (that I do not know the name of! But it is in two of the below pictures, so check it out and let me know if you know). The lemon and tomato were very boring but these pictures I liked out of all my shots. I used my desk lamp, in a pitch dark room and took the picture on a hand carved wooden basket my late uncle had brought my mother from a trip to India. I really think photography is evolving as my new obsession! I also included a picture taken during lab portion of my photography class (the pepsi machine below).
I will be sharing all my photography assignments with you guys weekly. Hope you guys enjoy!