Monday, 17 December 2012

Obsession: Evening Slippers for Men

My latest fad is the men's slipper, be it pony hair, velvet, or leather. These beautiful pieces go well on a night out in formal wear, during the day with your jeans rolled up or even lounging at home. But where  did this shoe arise from? The men's slipper has stepped in many era's and cultures. The modern evening slippers are derivatives of the mens pumps, worn with evening wear by upper-class gentleman in western europe during the regency period. During the Victorian era the shoe had turned into one worn for evenings of music or dance. This is wear the shoe derived another name, the opera slipper. These pumps remained apart of a man's evening attire till the 1930's when they were traded for the more masculine oxford.
It seems now that this evening slipper is making a comeback in menswear, gaining a whole new persona. Originally made in black patent with grosgrain ribbon the shoe now treads runways and red carpets ornately decorated with embroidery, silk tassels, metal studs, glitter, and prints. The shoe stepped onto many runways for the fall/winter 2012 shows and later during the Spring/Summer 2013 shows in Europe. For many labels including Michael Bastian, Dries Van Noten, Etro, and Gucci. The shoes are so popular they seem to fly off shelves. The ever popular espadrille inspired TOMS also seem to give off a look similar to men's slipper. This showcase a potential for more informal wear of men's slippers. Christian Louboutin's ever popular studded rollerboys display mens slipper's in leather, patent, pony hair, and velvet covered in studs. Jimmy Choo's super elegant Sloane is ever expanding, coming in dreamy varieties such as glitter, patterned silk, and pony skin. And who can forget Sarah Burtons designed needlepoint men's evening slippers, for Fall/Winter 2012, that had larger than life flowers. 
Last week whilst browsing through Holts I fell in love with one of the most gorgeous pairs of shoes I have ever laid eyes on!  The only pair of men's dress slippers I have ever spotted at Holt's but one of the most gorgeous I have ever seen, they were Gucci zebra skin slippers priced at 855$. They only had one size mine, 12, and they fit like a glove! It was truly meant to be, although when I returned for them today they had been sold. A horrible let down but I spotted Aldo's new versions (ie the Jeffus) which are financially smart, at around a 100 a piece. No guilt plus almost the same look, time to hit Aldo's.