Friday, 21 December 2012

Hot Trends For Men's Hairstyles in 2013

The Side-Crop Long-Top
Hair can completely change a persona. It is a major part of your appearance, and influences how you are perceived. Also, It can majorly effect how you feel about yourself. We all know that feeling of confidence you have walking out of a hair salon with a new view on life. A new hairstyle can really change everything.
Right now men's hair seems to flowing towards cropped sides and long tops, be it curly wavy or straight. There are numerous renditions of this popular cut. All basically encode the same structure: short sides and long tops. Some popular styles for the coming year are listed below.

The Wavy Square Quiff

The Sleek Blow Back

The Layered Side Comb

The Blended Short Cut

The Top Heavy Blow Back

The Thick Side Comb

The Dandy Flop

The Frank 

The Chopper

The Peaked Side-Crop

The Jimmy

The Elvis

The Ivy League Blow-Back

The Peaked Cut With Matte Finish
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