Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Fashion Legacy: Nilofer Shahid of the House of Meeras

An event themed 'Rumi and Iqbal' was organized by the Pakistani embassy in Turkey, last month. The event was graced with a hour long fashion show, honouring the mystic poets Rumi and Iqbal, by Pakistan's 'Couture Queen' and 'Ramp Empress': Nilofer Shahid. Nilofer Shahid, the Lahore based fashion titan, has represented Pakistan in fashion all over the world including at Paris Haute Couture Week. The elegant lady has been equated to Dior by Le Figaro in Paris. Nilofer Shahids amazing creations, under the fashion house of Meeras (her own), feature the best silks and laces with embroidery of pure gold thread and semi-precious stones. She has dressed royalty and celebrities from all over the world. This show displayed the best of Nilofer Shahids collections from the past and many new creations. Nilofer Shahid draws inspiration from art and poetry from the sub-continents past, including that from the Mughals. Every one of Nilofer's pieces are pure art and made for royalty. Her clothes have their own soul and exhibit the perfect combination of the past and present and the west and east. Nilofer also designs all the awe-striking jewelry adorned by her models. The massive black finale dress is such a amazing piece of art it deserves to be displayed in a museum. With a ring connected to the dress by chains, amazing embroidery, and a jewelled back (I can not find a picture of the back but it is amazing!). Everyone of Nilofer's pieces deserve to be in a museum! Nilofer is by far my favourite couturier, her pieces.