Sunday, 13 May 2012

Coke Studio Return's

Charkha Nolakha By Atif Aslam and Qayaas

Coke Studio is back for season 5! The amazing series, which is a great medium for Pakistani music, is more popular than ever! The show displays many traditional folk songs from all over Pakistan meshed with modern influences. I absolutely love coke studio, while I may not be familiar with all the languages present in Coke Studio (ie. Pashto, Sindhi, Balochi) the songs give an insight to all the colours of Pakistani culture (the subtitles help understand the meaning of the deep lyrics as well). Episode 1 was simply amazing, especially Charkha Nolakha by Atif Aslam and Qayaas. It's been on replay on my phone and laptop all day. Check it out, if the translation confuses you it's talking about a spindle as love that has fibres of pain and many more metaphors. The Paksitani music industry has been through many ups and downs, facing struggles such as piracy and lack of international exposure. Though Pakistan has so much talent, which is evident if you watch Coke Studio, and the music goes beyond songs in movies. On another subject, I'm sorry about going AWOL! I was just getting adjusted to working two jobs, which isn't as bad as most people think it is.  Also it was my moms birthday on Friday followed by Mothers Day today so I had a great weekend with her! Below are other songs from episode 1 of Season 5 and my favourites from past seasons. Check 'em out, don't worry they have subtitles. Enjoy!
Coke Studio Season 5 Episode 1
Kamlee By Hadiqa Kiyani
Tum Kaho by Symt
My Favourites From Past Season's
Bibi Sanam Janem by Zeb and Haniya
Chori Chori by Meesha Shafi
Jugni by Arif Lohar and Meesha Shafi
Daastan-e-ishq by Ali Zafar
Yar Daddi by Ali Zafar
Lambi Judai by Komal Rizvi

Saari Raat by Noori

Ik Aarzi by Jal

Manzil-e-Sufi by Sanam Marvi
Daanah Pah Daanah by Komal Risvi and Akhtar Chanal Zahri