Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Hassan Sheheryar Yasin Wow's at PFDC Fashion Week

Pakistan would probably be the last place where people in the west would think a sartorial world would be brewing but us Pakistani's are quite the fashionable bunch and determined to leave our mark on fashion. Many of us in the west have a false impression of Pakistan due to the media and politics, Pakistani's are rising above their problems and progressing, throwing away their restrains. Though many issues face Pakistan, we are a strong people that won't let our problems hold us back. Fashion hit my home city Lahore with PFDC fashion week, which is perhaps one of the undiscovered gems amongst the worlds fashion weeks which has been strong and bold for five years now. I love Lahore! Everything about it fascinates me the culture, liveliness, fashion, colours; it really is a city that never sleeps! We saw great new talent and the best from designers that have been the pioneers in Pakistani fashion. One such designer is Hassan Sheheryar Yasin, whom launched his label HSY in 2000, who is definitely a pioneer and visionary in Pakistani Fashion. We got to see his collection at the finale of the 4 day showcase, which he mc-ed and choreographed wonderfully. The collection he showed this year was a luxury resort collection. It was perfect for a vacay to the Mediterranean, the light chiffons, linens, traditional embroideries, whites, golds and silvers made for a gorgeous collection! I'm in love with this collection, HSY is truly a genius! And a side note Mehreen Syed was  phenomenal in the racy silver show stopper. She made my jaw drop, something HSY does very well. The collection ended with a shower of gold confetti, the best certainly was left till last!